Today shaniebear learns to crochet.

Today shaniebear learns to crochet.

To retire or not to retire that is the question.


The Art of Making a Living


Yesterday was disappointing.

My much-anticipated job interview on Skype for an overseas teaching position did not eventuate. Why? No reason given. Could it be my age? Don’t be so sensitive.

So rather than gnash my already deteriorating dental work, rather than tear out my already greying hair – I used this book to comfort myself.

As you can see from the photo, my copy of Zen and the Art of Making a Living by Laurence G Boldt is well used. I found it in a Buddhist library about ten years ago. Not sure if it is still in print.
Perhaps someone else knows it?”

Seems to be a common problem.

Some retired teachers make lists

I have a list of ambitions.

Some I want to do and some I have to do.

  • Write – a writer is an outsider looking in.
  • Get fit – join a gym? Do more yoga in different traditions.
  • Set up a small tutoring business. This has its ups and downs.
  • Study for my English as a second language teaching qualification. ( I did it.)
  • Volunteer.
  • Teach in a setting that I have not experienced such as teaching English overseas.
  • Be a support for my family.
  • Sell my home of thirty years.
  • Renovate my new home.
  • Travel.
  • Have time to write, read, sew, cook, garden, yoga and meditate.
  • Become technologically competent.
  • Become more environmentally active.
  • Support myself financially

It is only when I make the list that I realize its tyranny.

If I was at school today

If I was at school today it would be a pupil free day and I would have that low level of panic/ excitement about another year and being ready.

But I am not at school. Instead, I picked up my daughter from the airport and was there to hear about her trip.
I am home to welcome friends after their long drive and I have cooked a curry so we can just sit and talk.
I have given a few hours of thought to house renovations in preparation to meeting the builder tomorrow and
I am writing this blog.

I doubt that any of these things is as important as forming young minds for a living but just for today I am glad I can make this choice to be like the jellyfish and go with the flow.

I am this jellyfish

I am this jellyfish

Retired teachers (like me) read their stars and take notice!!!!!

Uh oh my stars from yesterday…….


23 December – 20 January

It’s a great time to spread your wings and see what’s possible in the industry you work in. You feel strongly that now’s the right time to see what alternatives are available.You’ll find yourself in a position of authority, at least temporarily. Don’t abuse the power that has come your way.

Daily Meditation:

 “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  ― George Bernard Shaw

Yes so many alternatives and I keep changing my mind. Does this mean I should dust off that resume or stay home and write a book? Thank you for the suggestion V H. Maybe I should do both. I’ll have a glass of champagne and think about it.